Marquesas, Florida Keys




The Marquesas about 30 miles from Key West, Florida across the Boca Grande Channel

Target Fish: 

Big Three: Tarpon, Permit and Bonefish plus Barracuda, Grouper, Jacks, Mackerel, Marlin, Wahoo,Tuna and Dorado

Time of Year: 

May - July

Lodge Capacity: 

Live-On-Board, 61 foot Hatteras

Maximum 6 Guests

Nearest Large Airport: 

Key West International Airport, Florida

Documents Required: 


The Marquesas is a pristine saltwater wilderness teaming with bird and sea life— about 30 miles from Key West across the Boca Grande Channel—a magical world of tropical breezes and crystalline blue green water that composes an island paradise. This ring of islands surrounds a shallow lagoon that spans an area of about 15 square miles, and is the only true atoll in the Western hemisphere. A variety of grass and sand flats, channels, and cuts create the ideal habitat for the Big Three: tarpon, permit, and bonefish, plus a landscape filled with barracuda, sharks, mutton snapper, jacks, and more. And the atoll lay-out means that you can find quality places to fish in almost any weather condition.

And nearby; wreck, reef and offshore fishing in the Gulfstream beacons. Cobia, monster sharks and barracuda, grouper, jacks, permit, and mackerel will test your fly rods or light tackle. Offshore, in season, marlin, wahoo, tuna, and dorado.The adventure begins at the Key West City Marina. The Outpost Marquesas Mothership team will meet you with our 35’ Scorpion tender for the run out to the ship which is about 30 minutes away

Fishing Program

The Marquesas are legendary. Once a hushed hideaway of in-the-know Florida fisherman, the secret may be out, but the magnetic pull for anglers remains, the chance at the coveted grand slam: tarpon, permit, and bonefish in a single day.Atoll style fishing focuses on the lagoon and the many cuts and channels that feed it, and on the tidal flats that vary from soft to hard sand and billowing grass. For many fly fishers, aspiring and hard core, the irresistible main target is the Silver King. From May on through the summer months tarpon move in and out of the lagoon with the tides, and they seem to favor the tranquil lagoon, where they are often found laid up in schools, while singles, doubles and small groups meander slowly in the cuts. In the darker waters of the inner lagoon, these prehistoric monsters, some weighing 150 pounds or more look like massive shadows playing tricks on your mind. And then you see the ripple of a dorsal fin, the flick of a tail breaking the placid surface, and the adrenalin kicks in. But now is the time for calm and patience, for making an accurate cast. Let the fly sink, slow strips and a twitch. And with some luck, one of those gapping mouths open and inhales your fly. You hit him hard, feel the set, and the game is on. The water erupts, your fly line rips off the deck as your prize jumps and runs to the sing of your reel. And now you can let out a yell of excitement as you prepare for the battle. Now the subject of permit. For some fly anglers, it is the ultimate accomplishment, to entice the nervous and ever-finicky permit to eat a fly. It becomes a life-long passion, the pursuit of the first, then one more, and one more. Permit hang in the channels and around the outer ring and move into the lagoon on the incoming tide to feed on the flats. They travel in schools, in pairs, and singles often follow a stingray to eat what the ray stirs up. You see a permit on a ray, you need ice water in your veins, and a good cast and you might be hooked up.Bonefish like the same tides and similar flats as the permit. If you’re looking for a grand slam, they should be the easiest, but it doesn’t always work out that way. Skill and luck have to combine in that perfect day no angler ever forgets.Fishing the channels and their undercut banks for mangrove snapper and smaller tarpon is also a blast. Or you can step out to the outer ring, or fish over the many wrecks for giant tarpon, massive cudas, world record size permit and Goliath sharks. The fishing is the Marquesas is only limited by your imagination.And there’s no such thing as an 8-to-4 routine here. You can fish sunrise to sunset, all the while knowing the Mothership awaits your return, ready to refresh and recharge you.


May - July


The 61’ Hatteras Mothership takes the live-aboard lifestyle to a new level, and while being out on the flats always takes top billing, why not hang-out, relax, eat, drink, sleep in unmatched comfort and style. And the key here is the outstanding crew—professional captain, gourmet chef, plus superior guides. The dedicated crew is there to pamper you. Your private chef prepares creative fresh Island cuisine each day on board, and packs your Yeti coolers with savory lunches, snacks, and ice cold drinks to keep your energy up when out on the skiffs. Or you can return to the ship for lunch and a midday break. At the end of the day, compare notes while sipping your favorite beverage and watching the sunset. And for supper? Enjoy artistic presentations of just-caught seafood and fresh produce topped off by a sumptuous dessert. Sleep peacefully in the well-appointed staterooms.

MOTHERSHIP DETAILS: 61 foot Hatteras. Capacity: 4 guests. 4 guest staterooms including: four double and single staterooms, two shared bathrooms, Air-conditioning through-out the ship. Spacious living room/bar and kitchen with satellite TV. Fully equipped Glide and Hell’s Bay skiffs. 27’ Scorpion guest transport. Two shared bathrooms. Custom options and longer stays may be available on request.

Getting There

Most arrivals are by private or commercial flights into Key West International Airport. Key West is serviced by most major airlines. We can assist with your air travel planning.

Anchorage: A 10 minute drive from Key West International Airport to the Key West City Marina. From there, a 30 to 40 minute water transfer will take you to our Mothership


4 NIGHTS & 4 DAYS Starting at $19,200 USD for four Guests

5 NIGHTS & 5 DAYS Starting at $24,000 USD for four Guests

NOTE: • Season: May 1 – July 15• Maximum of 4 guests/anglers, intact groups only, no mixing of groups• Guided fishing with one or two anglers per guide. 4 guests, each guest with private stateroom.

INCLUSIONS: Water transfers to the Mothership, guided fishing, fishing equipment and flies, chef-prepared breakfast, lunch, après, dinner, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages

EXCLUSIONS: All round trip airfare from your hometown to Key West International Airport, optional hotels in Key West, gratuities to crew and guides.

Price subject to change prior to booking.

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