Indo-Pacific Permit

Permit have not obtained the reputation of being the fish of a thousand casts for no reason. These fish are extremely sensitive to their surroundings and spook more easily than most other fish. Conditions must be perfect to land one of these elusive, but beautiful creatures. It is said Permit are the ultimate quarry to catch on a fly. They are fast, powerful, beautiful, spooky and suspicious of any unnatural food presented to them. A successful hookup demands dedication and sometimes days, weeks or months invested to claim bragging rights for landing one.  Wondering why there are such a tuff catch? Just look at their eyes.  In comparison to other species their eyes are a large as a nickel and located very close to their mouths.  Their appearance is deep-bodied, toothless, with a forked tail and narrow base. They are typically overall silvery in color, sometimes with dark or yellowish fins, and one or a few black markings on the side of their body. Any flies crossing their path are going to be closely scrutinized.

Source Wikipedia

Lodges where you can find them: