Bluefin Trevally

The bluefin trevally, also known as the bluefin jack, is a species of the jack family Carangidae. The bluefin trevally is found in the tropical waters of the Indian and Pacific Oceans from Eastern Africa, Central America, and Australia. Bluefin trevally are easily recognized by their electric blue fins, tapered snout and numerous blue and black spots on their sides. The bluefin trevally is an aggressive predatory fish. The species displays a wide array of hunting techniques ranging from hard-hitting midwater attacks, reef ambushes and foraging interactions with other larger species, snapping up any prey items missed by the larger animal. The bluefin trevally is one of the premier gamefish of the Indo-Pacific region, although is often overshadowed by its larger cousin, the giant trevally. The fish makes long powerful runs on light tackle, and is a determined fighter.

Source Wikipedia

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