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3-Day Float Deschutes River Trip


Hit the water at sunset, or be the first one on the water as the sunrise hits the canyon. 3 days to chase fish, float and relax!

There is almost nothing in the world as enjoyable as watching beautiful Redside-Rainbows rise to the surface to devour a well placed dry fly- or the hard heavy grab of a Steelhead crushing a fly on the swing. Your host on the Deschutes River has spent more than 20 years finding them, and we are eager to show you where they are hidden.

The lower Deschutes stretches 100 miles and we know how to fish every inch. The Deschutes runs hard and cold all year long creating insect life for its native trout to feed on. The most famous hatches is the famed Salmon fly hatch. These big bugs can top 2 inches in length and the biggest lunkers in the River are all looking up when the bug hit the water.

Deschutes 3-Day Rivertrip

Friday, July 30, 2021 - Monday, August 2, 2021

Trout Season


$1,600 Per Person for Two

$1,400 Per Person Three or More

How to get there?

Closest Airport: Redmond Oregon

Rent a car or the airport shuttle service


Fishing equipment, waders and boots, sleeping bag and pillow, personal care.

Reach out for more details: 800-543-0282 | 714-578-1880